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Sarah Jane Morris and Antonio Forcione come together in a worldwide tour to promote the launch of their collaborative album: Compared to What.

  • This duo have each been compared to an impressive array of musical geniuses including Janis Joplin and Tom Waits (vocally) as well as Jimi Hendrix (instrumentally) – a comparison Antonio wears with pride. Django Reinhardt also comes to mind. In truth, Sarah Jane and Antonio are great artists in their own right. Channelling their energies together, they share audiences in Italy, Britain, and all over the world. Together they increase their spheres of appreciation, giving loyal fans the chance to experience favourites afresh, as well as attracting new audiences with the strength and artistry of their unique partnership.

    Compared to What is the result of a fruitful and varied songwriting collaboration. It covers a number of traumatic social issues and many songs of emotional intensity which reflect the urgent concern both artists feel for the tragedy of refugees. One song in particular deals with the boat people - a drama most keenly felt in Italy and by Italians - with Sarah Jane and Antonio acting as tribunes of conscience. This sense of witness describes many of Sarah Jane’s most passionately felt songs from the recent past, and in new material Antonio adds his own awareness and artistic response. Alongside the songs of conscience, Compared to What includes some wry comedy, also love songs and some memorable covers, notably Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan.

    Sarah Jane’s and Antonio’s set touches heights of great musical beauty both in Antonio’s unique virtuoso guitar playing and Sarah Jane’s legendary voice, now more subtle and persuasive than ever, with range and power undiminished. The whole is a triumph of collaboration between two of the most individual and richly talented musicians on the world stage.

    «…A voice that can excite shivers of passion and delight … Soaring, swooping, sensual and sophisticated, this voice is more than a style, it’s a force of nature … Torch song, soul standard or smoky blues, the message remains constant: human passion with a dazzling voice. …» ~ Neil Spencer, The Observer on Sarah Jane Morris

    «…A performer of world class status ... forceful and with an enviable technique, he takes the guitar to new levels of expression combining its melodic powers with dramatic percussive effects. Forcione boldly goes where no guitarist has gone before and the results are quite spectacular ... miss him at your peril. …» ~ The Stage on Antonio Forcione

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  • Sarah Jane Morris

    lead singer

    Antonio Forcione


    September 2018


    Europe (without Italy, UK)
    South America
  • COMFORT ZONE Sarah Jane Morris - Antonio Forcione

    COMFORT ZONE ( Sarah J Morris - Antonio Forcione) This song Comfort Zone was written by Sarah Jane Morris and Antonio Forcione, about the murder of sex workers in Ipswich, many years ago. The song started life as a poem as a response to the disturbing news. Violence against women is on the rise and we need to take a stand.

    Compared to What - Sarah Jane Morris & Antonio Forcione

    A film about the making of Sarah Jane Morris\' and Antonio Forcione\'s new album : Compared to What? with interviews and tracks from the album. The spring of 2016 will see Sarah Jane Morris and Antonio Forcione come together in a worldwide tour to promote the launch of their collaborative new album.

  • Press on Sarah-Jane Morris:

    «…A powerful, diverse album that Morris considers her best to date, an opinion that few will challenge. …» ~ MOJO on Bloody Rain

    «…it packs a dramatic punch, often uplifting, occasionally harrowing, but always passionate and challenging. …» ~ HI-FI CHOICE on Bloody Rain

    « she hits a career high with an album dedicated to Africa. …» ~ The Observer on Bloody Rain

    «…her shows are always models of powerful songwriting, atmospheric ensemble playing and passionate delivery. …» ~ John Fordham, The Guardian

    «…Mariah Carey may be mainstream America’s idea of a diva, but Europeans take a more eclectic view of the role. The Englishwoman Sarah Jane Morris has earned her queenly status over twenty years of activity. …» ~ The New York Times

    «…Her voice sounds so deep as to be almost scandalous. More than a great voice, she is several great voices. …» ~ Harpers Queen

    «…A young, hip, deep-voiced British version of Sarah Vaughan. …» ~ Q

    «…In suggesting a simultaneous steeliness and impassioned fragility she joins a club of vocalists that admits only the best. …» ~ The Guardian

    «…River deep, mountain high, Sarah Jane Morris has a magnificent, enormous voice. …»~ The Sunday Times

    «…Those in-the-know rate her as one of the world’s great jazz-soul vocalists of the past twenty years and more. …» ~ Vogue Italia

    «…Her excellent voice soars and swoops with the agony and ecstasy of the delta and smoky Chicago clubs. …» ~ Daily Telegraph

    Press Quotes & Celebrity Testimonials - Antonio Forcione

    «…You have a beautiful touch. …» ~ Sir Paul McCartney

    «…Possessing the skill, flair and stunning technique of Paco de Lucia and John McClaughlin, with the looks of a low rent middle-aged gigolo. …» ~ Omid Djalili

    «…That is beautiful. …» ~ Stevie Wonder

    «…I hope everyone hears and feels what I have. …» ~ Paco de Lucia

    «…Forcione creates a whole spectrum of sound that you never thought possible from an acoustic guitar. He brings the guitar to life in a way I’d never seen or heard before, extraordinary. He is unique. …» ~ Bill Bailey, comedian

    «…delicious! …» ~ Simon Callow, actor

    «…Antonio possesses all the qualities of a great artist – a virtuoso who plays from the heart. …» ~ Martin Taylor, guitarist, winner of 14 British Jazz Awards

    «…Energy, artistry, flair, speed and sheer determinatin … and that’s just him eating pasta! …» ~ Kate Robbins – singer, actress, comedian

    «…A slick and impressive show. …» ~ British Theatre Guide

    «…One of the great acoustic guitarists. …» ~ The Guardian

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