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New release «Bad As I Wanna Be» of Funk-Rock Goddess MALINA MOYE

Guitar Visionary Malina Moye Announces New Empowerment Album Amid Entertainment Industry’s Female Revolution.
For immediate release: Pop-Rock maven and international guitar superstar Malina Moye is set to release her new album «Bad As I Wanna Be» March 23rd on LEOPARD.

Currently Malina Moye is on her promotional press tour over Europe (Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, Paris, London 1-9 Feb) «Bad As I Wanna Be»

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WATCH: Malina Moye's New Promo Video: 'Bad As I wanna Be' See an inside glimpse of Malina Moye and what the album and movement is all about!

"One of the top female guitarist in the World" —People Magazine
"The maverick left-handed axe slinger who is inspiring new generations of electric guitar players to rock on!" —Huffington Post
Featuring songs "Jumpin’," "Enough," and "Betta Than U" from Malina's new album 'Bad as I Wanna Be'