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JOJO MAYER "Buddy Rich Tribute"

«…Wandering around the borders of jazz…» – Armands Znotins

  • Buddy Rich: The World's Greatest Drummer

"Buddy Rich has been called the greatest jazz drummer of all time!"

    Buddy was born on September 30, 1917, and his drumming career spanned seven decades, beginning when he was just eighteen months old and continuing until his death on April 2, 1987. Naturally gifted, Buddy was said to have never taken formal lessons, and his only practice was when he played live.

    Jojo Mayer (Swizerland/USA) is one of the greatest drummers to have ever walked our planet, not only because of his skill level, but because of his unrelenting search for creative freedom and musical expression.

    Recent performances and recordings have earned him rave reviews: Jojo Mayer "...destined for "Drum God" status!" (Modern Drummer Magazine)

    More recently, Jojo has been venturing into New York's Techno / Multimedia / Avantgarde / club scene by promoting his own weekly party event called PROHIBITED BEATZ. This new platform for live "Drum n' Bass", "Nu-Skool Breaks", "Speed Garage" and the latest stylistical hybrids and mutations in DJ culture, has also provided the back drop for his first solo project called NERVE. Described as an "endeavor in reverse engineering the textures and rhythms of the current stream of computer generated music into a live performed, improvisational format", NERVE and PROHIBITED BEATZ have created a reputation in the New York scene that already goes way beyond "a serious buzz".

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  • Jojo Mayer "Buddy Rich Tribute"

  • «…Wandering around the borders of jazz…» ~ by Latvian musicologist Armands Znotins

    «…The drum play by Jojo Mayer did not loose the dynamic balance and never broke the tematic direction of Latvian Radio big band. Sometimes it was filled with rhythmic springing, and multi-layered accompaniment role. The drummer gave a new milestone in the development of a particular piece. …» ~ by Latvian musicologist Armands Znotins

    «…Jojo Mayer drum play undeniable was a peak of 26th April concert. It was musical expressiveness and impulsive style which unleashed the virtuosity and brilliance, as well as ability to build a diverse and unexpected nuances of a rich dialogue with a big band led by Karlis Vanags …» ~ by Latvian musicologist Armands Znotins

    «…Jojo Mayer highlighted the evening by getting out of the traditional drummers position. His profile is certainly not classic jazz. The communication with the audience is Jojo Mayers trump, because not all drummers nowadays do that. Because of this pleasant communication the concert obtained a sense of friendship.. friends who have come together to spend a jazz evening in an enjoyable mood.…» ~ by journalist Martins Engelis

    «…Jojo Mayers appearance together with Latvian jazz musicians and young jazz talents is an event! It is an event not only for music professionals and drummers but also for those visitors who have an appetite for high quality sound and show …» ~ by journalist Martins Engelis

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