Manou Gallo

»the African Queen of Bass« ~ Bootsy Collins

Our favorite »Afro Groove Queen« Manou Gallo comes back with a 5th album Aliso, split into 2 EPs: Aliso, Vol. 1 released on nov., 2021 and Aliso, Vol. 2 coming out soon.

She celebrates in these new tracks all the african artists who inspired her, such as Féla Kuti, Manu Dibango, Franco, Ernesto Djé Djé and Marcellin Yacé.

»I am a free woman«, launches Manou Gallo, powerful bass player and Ivorian singer wearing a magnificent Afro cut … It is difficult not to succumb to an impregnated Afrobeat "gumbo" made in Ivory Coast.

Manou Gallo & Bootsy Collins

In 1997, when she arrived in Europe, she became the bassist of Zap Mama, Marie Daulne's band, and performed on the biggest European and American stages.

Since 2003, she has been leading her own bands and participating in numerous other projects (Manou Gallo Women Band, Groove Orchestra, Acoustic Africa and Music Machine).

  • Manou Gallo
  • bass, vocal
  • Yannick Werther
  • guitar
  • Norman Peplow
  • keyboards
  • Pitt Cédric Huseyn
  • drums
  • Ruben Hernandez
  • trumpet
  • Gaspard Gierse
  • saxophone


Tour in Make

Manou Gallo

Soul Makossa

Tour: December, 2023 - December, 2024

Singer, bass & percussion player - Manou Gallo is a brilliant band leader and musician. The stage is like her second home and there is an irresistible power and energy in her live performance. An African woman who plays the Bass like a percussion instrument is extraordinary.


Spain, Portugal, UK, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Georgia, Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Finnland), Japan

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