Can I send You My Music?

Sure we always like to hear the music you create. We prefer a link to you song and you may send it to us using our contact form. Make sure you provide the highest sound quality to make your your music count. 

How Do I Get My Question Answered?

If you couldn't find an answer to your question by using our FAQ, we are eager to help you. Please raise your question using our contact form any time.

How Do I Get The Best User Experience on This Site?

Basitours provides professional services to artists, promoters and venues in the music business. Most of our information is restricted to certain groups of people. If you want to get the best support through our website, please register with us, letting us know what kind of services you're looking for. 

I lost My Password. Can You Help Me?

No worries, this happens to all of us one time or the other. To regain access to your account, navigate to the Log-In page, enter your user name and an arbitrary password. Once you confirmed your input, you'll be taken to a page asking you whether you've forgotten your password. Just click "Password forgotten" and follow the instructions given. 

What Kind of Artists Does Basitours Represent?

Basitours is representing a wide range of talent. There is almost no restriction or limitation in collaboration with artists.

Does Basitours guarantee assignments or performances?

Basitours promotes talent in the most professional way and to the best of its ability, without warranting any level of success.