lead vocals
Amando Ammann
EB & synth
Raphael Stieger
Lenardo Ammann
Juan Samir Helou
Dieter Ammann
keys, TRP, synth, P, EP (tbc)

Alessia Meced Buttolo, known as Mercee, stands at the intersection of musical innovation, lyrical depth, and heartfelt expression. Her music beckons listeners to join her on an emotive odyssey, where conventional boundaries blur, genres seamlessly intertwine, and dreams harmonize into a resounding melodic voice.

Meet Mercee, a 25-year-old Zurich resident whose captivating voice has woven a mesmerizing tapestry of melodies since her earliest memories. Borne to Cuban and Italian parents, Alessia’s multicultural heritage has instilled a profound sense of empowerment, a theme that resonates lyrically throughout her music.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, and Celia Cruz, Alessia’s musical journey has been guided by formidable female figures. Her compositions reflect a deep connection to her roots and an unwavering commitment to promoting female empowerment, themes that are lyrically interwoven in her songs.

Mercee doesn’t simply create and perform music, she curates an emotional experience. Her genre-defying style seamlessly melds latin rhythms, neosoul grooves, R’n’B sensibilities, and the expansive scope of Pop.

Mercee’s compositions are a symphony of her eclectic influences, capturing hears and minds with their captivating blend of genres. Two tracks that stand out in her repertoire, “A Mi Manera” and “Solita”, have propelled her into the spotlight. securing her the coveted title of SRF Best Talent of the month Aug 2020. Mercee’s journey continued as she graced the stage of SRF Virus’s ‘enter the circle’, and she and her live band lit up numerous festivals. Her songs resonated across Swiss Radio waves, and she made her debut on BBC1 Radio with the track “Booty Down”. Recognizing her potential, Mntreux Jazz Festival also named her an “Artist to Watch”.

Mercee’s Musical evolution unfolds in chapters of aspiration and achievement. Over the next three years, she has set her sights on international stages, seeking to share her emotive melodies with audiences around the world.

With the establishment of her band in 2023, she’s poised to embark on an inspiring journey, crafting a new program centered around her conceptual EP Venganza.

Earlier this year, alessia’s dreams took a remarkable turn as she collaborated with the ‘Argovia Philharmonic’ musicians. This harmonious fusion showcases her unique style amid orchestral brilliance, expanding the horizons of her musical palette.


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