«The Last Shade Of Blue Before Black» - The "Original" Blues Brothers Band

«The Last Shade Of Blue Before Black» is the new release of THE "ORIGINAL" BLUES BROTHERS BAND

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The Last Shade of Blue Before Black, the new album from the legendary Original Blues Brothers Band, featuring guitarist Steve Cropper and sax player “Blue Lou” Marini, with special guests Eddie Floyd, Joe Louis Walker, Paul Shaffer, Dr. John, Matt “Guitar” Murphy and Joe Morton.

The ORIGINAL BLUES BROTHERS BAND is alive and well. Original members hand-picked by JOHN BELUSHI and DAN AYKROYD for a Saturday Night Live skit have assembled the ultimate rhythm and blues review and have emerged as a powerful entity in their own right. Since regrouping in 1988, to the present, the Band has triumphantly performed each year in international venues large and small.

The Last Shade Of Blue Before Black is the 16th release in the Blues Brothers' catalog, beginning with 1978's Briefcase Full Of Blues. Though born and raised in the Chicago area, Belushi had only limited exposure to the music until filming Animal House in Eugene, Ore., months earlier, where he witnessed Curtis Salgado and Robert Cray perform regularly as The Nighthawks. It's well-documented that Curtis schooled John in the music during his time off set and that Belushi based his Joliet Jake character on Salgado. The first Blues Brothers release was dedicated to Curtis.

Out by Severn Records