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Lineup: Steve "The Colonel" Cropper - guitar
"Blue" Lou Marini - sax
Leon "The Lion" Pendarvis - keys
"Smokin'" John Tropea - guitar
Lee "Funkytime" Finkelstein - drums
James "Hags" Haggerty - bass
Larry "Trombonius Maximus" Farrell - trombone
Steve "Catfish" Howard - trumpet
Bobby "Sweet Soul" Harden - vocal
Rob "The Honeytripper" Paparozzi - lead vocals, harmonica
Tommy "Pipes" McDonnell - lead vocals

NEWS "The Last Shade of Blue Before Black" is The"Original"Blues Brothers Band's new CD scheduled for release in 2017.


The 14 song disc will include new originals well as classics songs with the following special guests: Eddie Floyd, Dr John, Joe Morton, Paul Shaffer, Joe Louis Walker, Tom "Bones" Malone, Matt "Guitar" Murphy. Birch Johnson, Baron Raymonde and David Spinozza.

"...amazing show..." ~ (N. R.Sawicka)
" was class!..." ~ (S.Krawczyk)
"...hits turn into a cohesive whole perfect..." ~ (best of Verviers)

ABOUT - The "Original" Blues Brothers Band is alive and well. Original members hand-picked by John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd have assembled the ultimate rhythm and blues review and have emerged as a powerful entity in their own rights.

The BLUES BROTHERS BAND is best known for the Universal Pictures feature films "The Blues Brothers" and "Blues Brothers 2000" and the Atlantic Record triple-platinum album "Briefcase Full of Blues" and the soundtracks form both films. ...

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