The Next Movement - dilldoard Funk Update

the next movement dilldoard 012020 front

The group comprising of mastermind J.J. Flueck acting as vocalist and drummer/producer alongside top-notch guitar - enfant- terrible Sam "the kung-fu man" and your bass-player's favorite bass-player P on the Fender Bass have gone a long way. With 1000 shows under their bell, laying down grooves for Artists like Greis, Nicole Bernegger, Steff La Cheffe, William While, The James Brown Tribute Show, Freda Goodlell, Reggie Saunders, Manillio, Bensch, Brothertunes, DJ Woodo and countless more, they released their debut LP as The Next Movement early 2018.

By the end of 2019 the group had released no less than the longplayer "LOUD", the EP "No Sleep Till Paradiso", two hands full of Singles and Videos, all while rocking two national tours. The music is a broad mix of Groove-Pop, Soul With Elements of Rock, Funk and Hip-Hop.

Now back in the Studio, the Trio is deeply defining their very O\Vn sound and along with it, bringing back the funk. According to several people close to the group, the material is so funky, the musicians mostly have to Wear sunglasses to get through the recording process.

Imagine a blasting old school 808 breakbeat at 116bpm Lopped with 4 layers of clean 4th position funk guitar, that could easily cut the head off of an unknowing trespasser. There ,vas also a rough beat leaking on the internal, that had the local police come over to investigate what exactly \vas going on at Soulvision Studios. The spokesperson of the band says: "They [the police] came to the studio with a 10 man special unit, trying to stop the funk, as it be a "threat to the national security" of the neutral country." The feds were eventually satisfied and motivated to back off with free guitar picks and a signed drum stick from the last tour.

The next release is due by the end of January, followed by a single release every month, leading to the next full length album in fall of 2020. "We're just going to release music till Switzerland has a reasonable set of values for funkiness next the country's strong love for shallow entertainment and meaningless kitsch." says J .J. on behalf of the band.

Rumor has it, the band ,vill kick off their 2020 tour with a series of phone booth [the square little meta) boxes that used to house a telephone] concerts With each performance selling only one ticket at an estimated price of 7'500 Swiss francs. The core value of the three remains their explosive live show, that will contain ridiculous amounts of groove paired with an outstanding performance: The glorious return of the funk.