Last Call Touroffer Summer 2017! - Kennedy Administration, Maceo Parker, Carmen Souza, Amo…

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KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION is creating sensory, soulful modern music with elements of funk, R&B, jazz, hip-hop and pop judiciously applied.

New album out by end of September by Leopard, Germany

Line up: Kennedy vocals, Ondrej Pivec (G.Porter) kerbs, Jordan Peters guitar, Shelton Grey bass, Nathaniel Townsley drums

01. "It's Over Now"
02. "Nothing Else Will Do"
03. "Will It Go Round In Circles"

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On Tour: end of October onwards - available dates : 2-7 and 15-18 Nov, 2017
Exclusive booking: Europe, Asia

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THE “ORIGINAL“ BLUES BROTHERS BAND feat. Steve Cropper & Lou Marini

New release will be available... 2017. The Album title "The Last Shade Of Blue Before Black"

"...The Mission Continues..."

Last available summer dates: 9, 10, 11 July 2017
14, 20, 21, 22, 26 August 2017
Later Fall 2017

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Exclusive booking: Europe, Asia

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CARMEN SOUZA TRIO ft Theo Pascal new release "Creology" beginning 2017 - Joyful celebration of the Creole people and its sounds...

Trailer: "Creology"
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Line up: Carmen Souza guitar vocal, Theo Pascal bass, Elias Kacomanolis drums

On Tour: Nov-Dec, 2017 - 27 Nov AT-Vienna
Exclusive booking: East Europe, Switzerland, Austria, Asia

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"Classic American Blues & Soul"

New release "Prima Time" with Laura Mayo distributed by Inglehood Records, Nashville

"...The Irish tenor gone to sin..." (D.Aykroyd),
"If auto-tuned,plastic-surgeries singers, and computerized music tracks ain’t your cup of meat, hop on board with "Tommy McDonnell & The Mac 5“ (the the

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Availabilities: Nov-Dec 2017
Exclusive booking: Europe, Asia

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"Mr. Funk" "98% Funk Stuff"

Maceo Parker embodies the legacy of soul and funk music like no other musician can. Always at the forefront, Maceo has been a common thread in the history of funk — helping to pioneer the sound of the genre in collaborations alongside seminal icons like James Brown, George Clinton, and Prince, all the while honing his own signature brand of showmanship.

Lineup: Maceo Parker sax, voc, Greg Boyer trombone, Will Boulware keys, Bruno Speight guitar, Rodney Curtis bass, Pete Maclean drums, Corey Parker backing voc, Darlene Parker backing voc

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Availabilities: mid to end Nov 2017
Booking Territory: Switzerland (except Zürich), Germany, Austria, East Europa, Russia, Baltics, Asia, AUS-exclusive

13f924b3 65ff 4875 8da3 df572fb7bf3f TRILOK GURTU "...the creative Master Percussionist..."

"...a unique Indian percussion maestro..."
" of the greatest jazz and world music percussionists of all time. ..."

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Availabilities: between August 16 - Dec 12, 2017
Booking: East Europe(in cooperation with Provo Culture, Italy)



12157c21 549b 4dee bf94 21db3936b8ab NIK WEST

new album "Purple Unicorn" to be released

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Line up: Nik West bass and vocal, Hubie Wang guitar, RJ Norwood drums, Clifton Williams keys, Amber Sauer backing vocal

Availabilities Summer: 2, 3, 9 August, 2017. Fall avails: 27-30 Oct, 5-12 Nov, 2017

booking: Europe, Asia, South America